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BMW Maintenance

Oil Service:

Items replaced:

• Engine oil and filter
• Cabin microfilters (for vehicles from 99 on)

Items checked:

• Battery fluid level and condition
• Tire pressure and surface condition
• Front and rear suspension components
• Steering components
• Seatbelt tension and operation
• Remove and reinstall front and rear wheels, check overall thickness of pads
  and rotors (using special tool), lube center of hubs
• Level and condition of brake fluid
• Parking brake cables, adjust as necessary
• Windshield washer system, clean and adjust washer jets as needed
• Electrical system (on-board computer, service indicator, instrument cluster)
• Lighting: headlights, parking, back-up, license plate, interior, glove box,
  map reading lights, engine and luggage compartment lights
• Turn signals, hazard warning flashers, brake lights, horns,
  headlight dimmer/flasher switch

Chassis lubrication
Reset service indicator
Road test

Inspection I (includes oil service and the following):

Items replaced:

• Transmission fluid (older models only)
• Cabin microfilter (models 91 and on; excludes E30)

Items checked:

• Valve clearance (only applicable to certain models prior to 93 and
  certain M models)
• Transmission for leaks
• Rear axle for leaks
• Half shafts for leaks
• CV boots for tears (only on ix, X3, and X5 models)
• Air filter
• Fuel tank, lines, and connections for leaks
• Power steering system for leaks; add fluid if necessary
• Condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system; examine for leaks
• Front control arm bushings for wear
• Brake (and clutch) system connections and lines for leaks, damage,
  and incorrect positioning
• Steering for play, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints,
  steering linkage, and joints
• Adjust valves (S54 M models)
• Engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks;
  check coolant level; add coolant if necessary
• Level of brake and clutch fluid in reservoir; add fluid if necessary
• Air conditioner operation
• Battery state-of-charge, and charge/replace if required
• Central locking/double lock system

Inspection II (includes inspection I and the following):

Items replaced:

• Fuel filter (models up to 94/95)
• Air filter
• Spark plugs (99 on cars feature 100,000 mile plugs except M models)
• Oil in rear axle (models up to 94 and certain M models)
• Every 2nd inspection II change oil in rear axle (models from 95-98 and
  certain M models)
• Every second inspection II change oil in manual transmission

Items checked:

• Condition/tension of drive belts
• Thickness of parking brake linings
• Clutch disc for wear at every 2nd inspection II

Additional BMW Recommended Maintenance:

• Replace timing belt every 30,000 miles or 3 years (M20 engines)
• Flush coolant every 2 years for models up to 94
  - 3 years for models from 95-98
  - 4 years for models from 99 and on
• Flush brake fluid every 2 years (all models)
• Change oxygen sensor every 50k/60k/100k miles (models up to 93)
• Change oxygen sensor every 100k miles (models from 94 on)

Note: We use Mobil 1 synthetic oil 15W/50 for your vehicle’s engine. E46 M3 and E39 M5 are filled with the factory approved Castrol TWS 10W/60. Mobil 1 synthetics are also used for the transmission, differential, and power steering (except where lifetime fill or 100,000 mile BMW factory fluids apply). OEM (original manufacturer) parts are used for all repairs.


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